Founded in Hong Kong in 2018 by Nicolas Pulinx, Yotei Art is an online gallery, always on the lookout for new contemporary talents. “We introduce and promote emerging artists around the world, striving to be a bridge between asian and western cultures.” Our online Gallery offers a boundless selection of art, exposed and sold on our curated platform.

Nicolas Pulinx has been collecting artworks since his early twenties. After two decades of working in finance, he decided to grant his wish by opening an online gallery, hoping to encourage a dialogue between worldwide artists and collectors.

Jean-Marc Decrop is a specialist of Chinese contemporary art. Considered as a trendsetter in the discovery and awareness of Chinese art across Europe, he has published several books and his expertise allowed him to help building some of the most prestigious European collections such as Dsl and The Ullens Collection. He also contributed to the establishment of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing.
He is notably appointed Expert at the French National Chamber of Experts for Chinese contemporary art. Always in search of artists, he takes particular interest in South Asian and Middle East talents.
Jean-Marc Decrop works jointly with Yotei Art as an art consultant.

After growing up in Geneva, Eugenie studied in Shanghai where she enhanced her passion for contemporary art. She moved to Hong Kong to work as a Marketing VP and artists liaison executive for Yotei Art. She has always been fascinated by urban art as well as calligraphy and love to collaborate with artists who can combine both.