How to start collecting art?

There’s a big difference between buying art and collecting art. Buying art is more of a random activity based on preferences or attractions at any given moment, while collecting art is more of a purposeful directed long-term commitment.

Our aim is to introduce collectors to emerging artists around the world whose works show strong potential to increase in value. A few tips below to help young collectors:

Determining your taste:

  • Spending time looking at different artworks and measuring your emotional response is elemental to forming ideas about what art you would like to collect.
  • The hardest thing to do is to choose. And the only way to create a streamlined and impressive collection is to focus on one area. But don’t cast your net too wide, otherwise your ‘collection’ will end up as a mismatch of art.

Do your research:

  • Make sure you know what’s currently happening in the art world. You’ll want to know how the art market is performing. Internet is a useful tool but the best option is to reach out to an art consultant.
  • Follow your favorite artists on social media.

Where to find inspiration?

  • Go to art fairs and don’t be afraid to ask questions: How is something made? How old is the artist? How well-known?…
  • To start developing a personal style, first-time art buyers should flip through an art history book to explore different mediums first.

Scout out new talents:

  • Perhaps most importantly, young collectors can support artists who are also just starting out themselves. It is about fostering the career of a young artist you respect and enjoy.