Meet Monique & Max Burger

Monique and Max Burger have started their collection in the 90’s. The swiss couple at the time acquired boundless artworks whenever they travelled, without following trends or specific themes. However, they have always been attracted to artists who had and expressed a strong opinion about societal topics.

In 2005, after moving to Hong Kong, aiming to reach a wider audience, the Burger made their collection available for view online on their website. But Monique ambition to make art accessible couldn’t stop here, therefore she decided in 2009 to launch a four-part exhibition untitled Quadrilogy and shown in different countries. The Burger Collection has notably been exhibited in Berlin and Hong Kong.

Today, Monique and Max Burger are among the 200 most influential art buyers in the world, along with Roman Abramovich and Paul Allen. The Burger collection boasts more than 1,000 artworks, perfect blend of international and local talents such as Ng Ka-Chun and Lam Tung-pang. Some of them are currently highly rated and much sought-after artists. They are also actively collaborating with prestigious institutions and museums including the Centre d’ Art Contemporain in Lyon, Singapore Art Museum, Palais de Tokyo in Paris…

Committed philanthropists, they support a selection of art projects and local foundations such as Para Site, Asia Art Archive and engage in publications and conferences worldwide.